Writing Trauma Recovery

Disability Labs was established to assist in recognizing any hindrances to writing, which can be a source of anxiety.
All Courses provide comprehensive classroom interventions through a multi-disciplinary approach. Strategies may differ from existing lesson plans or treatment plans, and will transform your classroom outcomes.

Improve Proficiency

Seventy-five percent of fourth graders are writing at a basic, rather than proficient, level. Both neuroscience and positive psychology emphasize the importance of the social-emotional connection to learning as a way of overcoming any difficulties.

Boost Engagement

It is crucial to instill lifelong learning by emphasizing autonomy and creativity. Utilize unconventional methods to increase student involvement and revolutionize your learning environment through an integrated, interdisciplinary strategy across all areas of study.

Transform Lives

Be the educator, occupational therapist, or parent that looks beyond the surface of the student. Create a foundation for them to excel in their studies, no matter what grade level they are at. Most importantly, become the one person they will always remember fondly from their childhood