Handstand Flip Facilitation Guide

This facilitation guide can be used for Tier 1,2 &3 interventions, The purpose of this activity is to promote full extension and controlled breathing


The facilitation guide offers upgraded versions of the Handstand Flip and Progress Monitoring options.

This intervention is designed for Tier 1, 2 & 3 interventions alongside any subject matter.
 The purpose is to improve cognitive-ready students.

The guide includes seven levels of full-body extension activities, each with increasing difficulty.

Each level comprises detailed directions that teachers, therapists, and parents can understand.

Why is full extension necessary?  

Full body extension is significant because, in our culture, we sit often.

They say, "Sitting is the new smoking."  

The Handstand Flip encourages hip extension with arms in full extension and palms facing the ceiling.

The variations facilitate
   Controlled breathing
    Bilateral integration skills
  Weight Bearing

Each of these functional components is essential to academic success.
After 30 seconds, your students' brains will be ready to delve into the next academic assignment.  

     The main side effect for most kids is laughter.
     This side effect yields positive results since laughter is God's medicine and a mood enhancer.
     Students with musculoskeletal conditions may need the tasks modified to accommodate their disability.
     Students with vestibular challenges may require input from a skilled occupational therapist for modifications.

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