Every month, you will receive insights and tools for reading, writing, and math challenges,
including instructional delivery methods to support your students in the regular classroom.
In addition, teacher self-care items will be included to help you de-stress and enjoy some necessary relaxation!

Each box will arrive on your doorstep around the 15th of the month.

*Keep struggling learners engaged and in your classroom.
*Reserve the need for pull-out services to kids who truly require small group and 1:1 instruction.
*Build positive social-emotional connections to reading, writing, and mathematics.
*Design effective collaborations with related service providers to support your students.

We segment the boxes for your teaching grade. 

Each box will include teaching instructions for the regular education classroom to support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia.

In addtion, students with ADHD will benefit.

Boxes include:

     1. Teaching strategies to support students regardless of disability in reading, writing, and math.

     2. Age approapriate decodable books and other structured literacy materials.

     3. Adaptive tools for writing by hand and using a computer.

     4. Adaptive condensed math interventions to support all students.

     5. Interventions to support a positive social-emotional well-being for students.

   6. Plus, much needed teacher rest and relaxation tools, techniques, and supplies. These supplies can include inspirational cards, jewelry, clothing, and anything else that may brighten your day. Boxes can be specially designed for male teachers.

Look for your box in the mail each month, then look inside the course for new interventions and strategies for your entire classroom.

Course Curriculum

Cheri Dotterer

Battling writing challenges firsthand, Cheri has emerged as a global authority, pioneering innovative, neuroscience-backed strategies to overcome dysgraphia seamlessly within the classroom setting. Author of "Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect" and contributor to seminal works, she’s set to release "Math DYS-connected," co-authored with Jonily Zupancic. She owns Dotterer Educational Consulting and The Writing Glitch Podcast. Living with her husband and son, Cheri's experiences fuel her passion to revolutionize learning. They also have a daughter in grad school.

Jonily Zupancic

Jonily Zupancic is achievement-ready, breaking mathematical barriers for struggling students through unique lesson design and delivery structures. As the founder of Minds On Math, she has dedicated the past 24 years to creating rich, differentiated, engaging mathematical classroom experiences to maximize math achievement. Through brain-based, multi-sensory techniques all ability levels of students including gifted, dyscalculic, at-risk and typical are mathematically stimulated improving memory, retention of content and gains reaching their next learning level.

Kirk, Math Tutor, GA

Kathy, Math Professor, IN

Teresa, Occupational Therapist, MA

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Absolutely! Related Services Providers like occupational therapists, speech therapists, and guidance counsleors find the material we design helpful to their school-based practice. Homeschool parents love these boxes too.

Boxes are mailed via USPS on the first of the month (or the 2nd if the first day of the month is a Sunday). You should receive your box by the 10th to the 14th of the month.

Shipping costs are included for the continential United States. If you live in other parts of the world, you will recieve a separate invoice for additional shipping costs.