The Pizza Problem

Learn how to teach math concepts for teachers and occupational therapists.

Course Summary

Math Standards:
The Pizza Problem teaches Kindergardent through twelfth grade counting, squares, array, area, perimeter, square root, exponents, irrational numbers, distance formula, slope, Pythagorean Theorem, ratio, coordinate plane.

Occupational Therapists:
Learn how to incorporate these concepts into your treatment sessions using sensoey processing intervention techniques.

Course Curriculum

Cheri Dotterer

Battling writing challenges firsthand, Cheri has emerged as a global authority, pioneering innovative, neuroscience-backed strategies to overcome dysgraphia seamlessly within the classroom setting. Author of "Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect" and contributor to seminal works, she’s set to release "Math DYS-connected," co-authored with Jonily Zupancic. She owns Dotterer Educational Consulting and The Writing Glitch Podcast. Living with her husband and son, Cheri's experiences fuel her passion to revolutionize learning. They also have a daughter in grad school.

Jonily Zupancic

Jonily Zupancic is achievement-ready, breaking mathematical barriers for struggling students through unique lesson design and delivery structures. As the founder of Minds On Math, she has dedicated the past 24 years to creating rich, differentiated, engaging mathematical classroom experiences to maximize math achievement. Through brain-based, multi-sensory techniques all ability levels of students including gifted, dyscalculic, at-risk and typical are mathematically stimulated improving memory, retention of content and gains reaching their next learning level.

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Pizza Problem Course

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  • Teach Math Concepts using Sensory Processing

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